20 Best Hard Money Lenders In Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is a state with a real estate market. The new development is constantly changing, and the landscape of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods shifts as the real estate market grows bigger and stronger. To not be left out of the city’s continued growth, developers may obtain funding from hard money lenders, and to maximize their profits, they need a lender that meets their needs. Investors who want to impact must know the best hard money lenders in Philadelphia. This guide will review the 20 best hard money lenders in Philadelphia to help you gain knowledge of hard money lenders in Philadelphia.


hard money lenders in Philadelphia
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What Are Hard Money Loans?

Hard money loans are also known as bridge loans. They are short-term loans given by private lenders and used by real estate investors to finance development projects. The value of the real estate determines the terms of a hard money loan as opposed to the borrower’s creditworthiness. Hard money loans are used by house flippers and developers who renovate or develop a property and sell or lease it for profit. Hard money lenders in Philadelphia are lenders that operate in Philadelphia. 

The 20 Best hard money lenders in Philadelphia

Investors and developers are looking to fund their next real estate project in Philadelphia. Below is a list of the 20 best hard money lenders in Philadelphia.   


Rehab Financial

Rehab Financial is a Rosemont and one of the hard money lenders in Philadelphia that lends solely for flips and rehab projects. Rehab Financial also will lend 100% of the value of the property. The hard money lender offers resources on the profitability of specific Philadelphia neighborhoods and calculating the after-repair value.

Delancey Street

Delancey Street was named after Philadelphia’s historically affluent street. Delancey Street is one of the hard money lenders in Philadelphia that provides hard money loans for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and businesses of all sizes. You can access up to 80-90% LTV in Delancey Street’s fast hard money loans. 

Legacy Capital

Legacy Capital is one of the hard money lenders in Philadelphia that provides hard money loans in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. They will fund projects worth over a million dollars if that’s what you need.


Alpha Funding Solutions

Alpha Funding Solutions provides hard money loans at 65% LTV based on the property’s after-repair value. The interest rates offered by Alpha Funding Solutions range from 8.99% to 11.99%.

Bridgewell Capital

Bridgewell Capital provides hard money loans with a 10% down payment and will fund up to 80% ARV. Pre-approval happens in the space of 15 minutes. Loan APRs from Bridgewell Capital begin at 7.95% APR.

Layla Capital

Layla Capital is a lender based in New York City that focuses on small to middle-market debt opportunities in primary and secondary markets worldwide, with a more significant focus on the East Coast and Midwest. Layla Capital is known for transparency, reliability, and consistency in asset-based lending.



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Direct Mortgage Loan Company

Direct Mortgage Loan Company is one of the private hard money lenders in Philadelphia focusing on fixed-rate bridge financing. The operation is built for ease and speed.

Gelt Financial

Gelt Financial is a Balance Sheet and indirect commercial lender satisfying its clients’ financial needs and goals since 1989. Gelt’s robust commercial product offerings are available to US Citizens and Foreign Nationals. They are one of the hard money lenders in Philadelphia that focus on loans between $100,000 and 20 million. 

Global Capital Partners

Global Capital Partners is a global commercial lender in New York, offering many financing options, including hard money loans, bridge financing, private lending, structured joint venture financing, commercial real estate financing, permanent financing, mezzanine financing, acquisition financing, and construction loans.


Anchor Loans

Anchor Loans is the nation’s number one private direct lender to fix-and-flip investors and the first to fund more than $1 billion in loans in a single year, with over $1 billion funded in 2016. Anchor has remained the industry leader, with over $1.1 billion in funding in 2017.

LendingHome Corporation

LendingHome is reimagining the mortgage process from the ground up by combining innovative technology with an experienced team. They aim to create a seamless, transparent process that transforms the mortgage process from end to end.

Direct Lending Partner

Direct Lending Partners creates short-term real estate loans to acquire and renovate distressed residential real estate in Philadelphia and other states.


Stormfield Capital

Stormfield Capital is one of the private hard money lenders in Philadelphia, focusing on directly creating commercial real estate bridge loans and hard money loans collateralized by commercial and residential investment real estate. Stormfield Capital has an experienced team of commercial bridge lenders and finance professionals, a straightforward approach, and fluid execution.

Angel Oak Prime Bridge

Angel Oak Prime Bridge is one of the commercial hard money lenders in Philadelphia, providing financing solutions for today’s real estate investors. Real estate investing has evolved. Investors demand straightforward and effective solutions to meet today’s competitive market, so Angel Oak focuses on being a market innovator to meet the needs of the investors.

Patch of Land

Patch of Land targets to solve the problem of slow, fragmented, inefficient, and obscure private real estate lending by using the latest technology, data, and process efficiency to more accurately assign risk profiles and project viability while significantly reducing the time and cost of loan underwriting for borrowers with real estate.

Global Capital Partners Fund

Global Capital Partners Fund is a Hard Money Lender and direct Bridge with over 30 years of experience. Specializing nationwide in commercial loans, adaptive reuse, construction lines of credit, ground-up construction, fix & flip, and more.


Temple View Capital

Temple View Capital is a private lender that provides loans in different states throughout the US. They offer to fix and flip loans, loans for rental properties, bridge loans, and ground-up construction loans for residential properties. 

Direct Mortgage Loan Company

Direct Mortgage Loan Company is one of the hard money lenders in Philadelphia. They provide loans for various needs and situations, including fix and flip hard money loans, buy and hold loans, bridge loans, private commercial loans, and complex money refinancing.

Sherman Bridge Lending

Sherman Bridge Lending is one of the hard money lenders in Philadelphia. They offer short-term fix-and-flip and rental loans to real estate investors and provide funding primarily for single-family homes. You can access loan amounts ranging from $75,000 to $1,000,000 with a maximum LTV of 75%.


Loan Fundr is a premier nationwide asset-based lender that offers hard money loans and uses technology to close loans fast. They think creatively, providing fair and transparent loans that get clients what they need.


Having read this guide on hard money lenders in Philadelphia, we hope the information is useful and has impacted your knowledge about hard money lenders in Philadelphia. Kindly ask some questions and drop your view in the comment box.



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