6 Best Hard Money Loan Calculator

Maybe you have thought about buying and flipping homes but are unsure how to start. Hard money loans help make the process a reality for many people, and a hard money loan calculator can be an excellent way for you to get started. Also, they are based on property value instead of buyer creditworthiness, so you may pay a premium interest rate.

A better picture of your numbers can be a game-changing factor when applying for any loan program. Planning your expenses is vital; we have this helpful guide on the best hard money loan calculators.

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What is a Hard money loan?

A Hard money loan is a commercial mortgage provided by an independent investor, such as an individual or a company. It is usually taken for a short term of 12 months to 3 years. But unlike commercial loans from banks, hard money loans are based on property used as collateral rather than the borrower’s creditworthiness.


What is a Hard money loan calculator?

Hard money loan calculator figures monthly payments on a hard money loan, offering payment amounts for P&I, Interest-Only and Balloon repayments and providing a monthly amortization schedule. This hard money loan calculator automatically figures the balloon payment based on the entered loan repayment period. If you make interest-only payments, your monthly payments will be the interest-only payment amount below, with the balloon payment as the original amount borrowed.

Hard money lenders provide short-term money, which is perfect for flipping but can be expensive. Therefore, examining the costs is crucial. The hard money loan calculator usually shows the potential loan amount. Also, it shows the forthright costs, interest charges, and the total costs of having the loan for some time.

6 Best hard money loan calculators

To be successful in your investment project, it starts with knowing your numbers. Below are the 6 best hard money loan calculators.


  1. ABL’s fix and flip loan calculator

    ABL’s fix-and-flip hard money loan calculator aids investors in developing a high-level understanding of the finances involved in their project, so they can plan and perform accordingly.

  2. BRRRR calculator

    Using a BRRRR hard money loan calculator gives you a good idea of how much a hard money loan will cost you and how much you might make once the entire project is complete.

  3. Hard Money Calculator & Deal Evaluator

    This hard money loan calculator comes with charts and illustrations that help you better understand your deal’s profitability and return on the cash you have invested. It also provides underwriting comments and recommendations.

  4. Fix and Flip Deal Calculator for Real Estate Investments

    This hard money loan calculator helps you get an accurate breakdown of the costs and profitability of your real estate investment with our loan calculator. Understanding the financial of your deal ahead of time allows you to prepare appropriately and account for potential errors or fixes accordingly.

  5. Lendersa Hard Money loan calculator

    Lendersa hard money loan calculator delivers instant rate & terms accurate results from the best private money investors in every state. You don’t need to disclose your email or phone number to see results based on the property, financial needs, and qualifications.

  6. Zillow mortgage calculator

    This hard money loan calculator is an easy-to-use calculator that helps you estimate the amount you will pay each month for your new home with our easy-to-use mortgage calculator.


Buying and renovating a home for profit or house flipping is an investment approach that has been highly publicized in the media. Although, flipping houses is an investment that carries risk and also demands your time, energy, and attention to detail. Many new house flippers mistake overlooking certain deal expenses that may impact their net profit, leaving them with results that stray from what they initially projected.

This is why it’s essential to calculate the various deal economics with an investment hard money loan calculator before diving into such a project. As an investor, you have to find as much information as possible that will help you weigh the risk and rewards of the project.

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We believe this hard money loan calculator provides reasonably accurate estimates of a deal’s costs and returns. Please remember that these are just estimates. These variables are subject to underwriting and unforeseen expenses during a deal. The hard money loan calculation estimates and does not include closing costs. Costs may vary based on property location.




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