ZT Exchange Review- Features, Supported Countries, And Coin

ZT Exchange is an exchange that separates itself from others. In the season of various cryptocurrency exchanges, investors and traders must find the one that suits their needs and goals. This is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of different exchanges, and most of them provide related services and features. In this guide, I will review one of the exchanges that got our attention due to its various features. The name of the exchange is ZT Exchange.

ZT Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Seychelles. The Exchange platform’s official launch occurred in 2018, so the platform can still consider a new player in the crypto market. The main characteristic of the platform is the crypto-to-crypto exchange; therefore, ZT Exchange has many different altcoins. ZT Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, and ZT is an abbreviation for Zenith.

What Is ZT Exchange?

ZT Exchange was founded in 2018 and is affiliated with ZT Global. It is an independently operated digital asset trading service provider. ZT Exchange is dedicated to promoting and developing digital assets. ZT Exchange is a subsidiary of ZT Global and is incorporated in Seychelles. Presently, ZT Exchange serves users from more than 160 countries.


ZT Exchange is a centralized exchange that supports crypto-to-crypto dealings, supporting many altcoins. Users can buy or sell their stablecoins instead of fiat currency through its OTC desk. The platform also sports a ZT Savings section that offers passive income by locking up their crypto tokens for a pre-determined period. ZT Savings, in November 2020, launched support for EOS Token, DOT Token, and TRX token.

ZT Exchange
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Services And Features ZT Exchange

The services and features rendered by ZT exchange are elaborated more as:


The Exchange tab is sited on the top left corner of the ZT’s homepage. You can compare BTC prices against different crypto assets. However, charts seem confusing to me, and it overlaps with different data and does not look clear, at least not when you see them for the first time. If you are new, you will have issues understanding them. This is not always a good sign since these charts comparing prices and coin price movements should always look crystal clear.



The finance section is among the most used features on the ZT exchange. The whole section consists of four parts:


  •  In the mining section, you will find all crypto you can mine, such as Wolf, GAGA, DED, KY, etc.


  • The staking tab is where you can select some cryptocurrency and stake it to get a profit in the future.

Bright Friday

  • You can win prizes like kits, a garage, or coins every Friday.

DOT Slot Auction 

  • DOT slot auction is the last part of the Finance section. DOT slot auction is a para-chain auction where you can use Polkadot (DOT) you are staking as votes to bid on some auctions and get a slot.


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ZT Exchange Supported Coins

ZT exchange supports more than 950 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Polkadot (DOT), Dogecoin (DOGE), and many others.


Deposits And Withdrawal Fees Of ZT Exchange

You must remember that before you want to deposit anything to your ZT account, you must verify your email and phone number. To withdraw, you have to go through the identity verification process.

All deposits on the ZT exchange are free of charge, which is always friendly to the users. Withdrawal fees differ per coin. For instance, the fee for BTC is 0.0005 BTC per withdrawal, which is a fair fee compared to the industry’s average fee of around 0.0006 BTC.

ZT Exchange Trading Fees

Many exchanges charge taker fees and maker fees. Takers remove liquidity from the order book by accepting orders already placed, while the Makers are the individuals placing those orders. The main substitute for this is to charge “flat” fees. Flat fees imply that the exchange charges the taker and the maker the same fee.

In terms of trading fees, the ZT Exchange rule seems fair, as every trade on the exchange includes a fixed 0.2% fee. This puts it in the same fee tier as Kraken, Bittrex, and others, and the makers and takers fee is 0.2%.


ZT Exchange Supported Countries

ZT Exchange accepts users from most countries, except for the ones where cryptocurrency trading or acquisition may be illegal. If you are not sure whether crypto is legal in your country or not, please find the legal consultation. You can set a language you want on the ZT Exchange, such as English, German, French, Italian, Filipino, Russian, or Chinese. You can set a preferred of your choice, such as EUR, USD, and many others.


ZT Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange located in Seychelles. It gives a variety of features to its users, such as trading, staking, mining, rewards, and many others. ZT Exchange is available in most countries, including the US, which highly increases the platform’s potential. Keep in mind that both withdrawal and trading fees on the ZT exchange both withdrawal and trading fees seem pretty reasonable, especially compared to the industry’s average. Please research ZT Exchange because all opinions and suggestions written in this guide are not considered financial advice.



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