RV Loans: 10 Best Recreational Vehicle (RV) Loans of 2023

To reduce travel expenses, enjoy regular mini-vacations, and carry the conveniences of home with them when they travel, many Americans decide to buy recreational vehicles (RVs). The loan process may be complicated if you’re looking for RV loans to make it simpler to finance your dream, but we’ve researched the top 10 to make it easy for you to pick the best one.


Low rates, adjustable term lengths, and variable loan amounts are features of the finest RV loans. They cover various RV models and are accessible across much of the nation. Additionally, they offer a simple application process and prompt funding.

What is RV Loan?

An RV loan is a long-term credit for buying a camper, travel trailer, or motorhome. Since an RV can cost anything between $10,000 to more than $1 million, most buyers rely on financing. Usually, like when you buy a car, the RV will act as security for the funding.


RV Loans
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How do RV Loans work?

You’ll apply for a loan to buy an RV, much like most people do when buying a house or a car. This is typically done through a dealership, but if you’re buying from a private party, you’ll need to find the loan through a bank, credit union, or internet lender. Most credit card providers don’t provide loans in the amount required to buy an RV. However, if you’re making a sizable down payment up front and only need to cover a few thousand dollars with a credit card, this might be another choice.

An RV loan functions similarly to any other consumer loan, even though it is usually only intended for purchasing or refinancing recreational vehicles. A lender or financial institution provides the funds for the purchase, and you repay the money with interest over a certain period. RV loans are secured loans, meaning the RV usually serves as collateral. Once you’ve chosen a lender, apply, and if accepted, sign a contract explaining the loan’s terms.



How Hard Is It to Get Approved for an RV Loan?

Obtaining RV loans may be more challenging than receiving a car loan approval. In reality, meeting the requirements for an RV loan may be similar to meeting the requirements for a home mortgage, depending on the length of your loan term and the amount you’re borrowing.

An RV loan requires a thorough evaluation of your credit and financial situation, just like any other loan. Lenders look for a strong credit history and stable income, demonstrating a possibility of payback when evaluating RV loans. Obtaining approval for an RV loan could be challenging if your credit needs to be in better shape. However, some lenders focusing on RV loans for those with terrible credit evaluate applicants individually rather than only considering credit history.

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Best Recreational Vehicle (RV) Loans



Alliant Credit Union 

Alliant Credit Union is one of the best RV loans. For a borrower who intends to live in their vehicle occasionally or full-time, it offers competitive RV loan options with quick funding, low rates, high maximum loan amounts, and flexible loan terms. 120 to 240 months make up the loan term.

Southeast Financial

Southeast Financial offers loans to borrowers with a minimum credit score of 550 if they want to get an RV loan but have less-than-perfect credit. If you have bad credit or a bankruptcy on your record, getting approved for a competitive loan may take time and effort. However, Southeast Financial offers a whole loan program for applicants with terrible credit, so they must be approved.

Bank of the West

RV loans with maximum loan amounts of $2 million are available from Bank of the West to borrowers with credit scores of 680 or higher. As long as consumers have a decent credit score, this bank gives them a range of flexible RV loan packages at highly competitive interest rates (specifically, a score of 680 or higher).


GreatRVLoan is one of the best RV loans. GreatRVLoan offers finance for vehicles up to $2 million and motorhomes up to $10 million. Additionally, it offers loans for those with good or terrible credit and financing alternatives for new and used RVs at low rates.



LightStream offers loan sums ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 with terms lasting 24 to 84 months. Since LightStream has a low-rate cap and is a lender that customers with less-than-perfect credit can work with, it is the best RV loan overall. It also provides a low APR to customers with good credit and is the only lender listed that only provides loans for financing RVs.


Loan sizes offered by Upgrade range from $1,000 to $50,000. Also, this lender does not impose prepayment penalties if you repay the loan early and offers a low minimum APR of 7.96 percent. Upgrade promises one-day funding, which means that borrowers may anticipate receiving funds within 24 hours after being accepted, making it the ideal option for RV loans with quick funding.

Best Egg 

Best Egg offers personal loans with a respectable minimum APR of 8.99 percent, ranging from $2,000 to $50,000. After applying, borrowers can quickly find out if they are approved. Best Egg is ideal for an online lender because it caters to borrowers seeking a streamlined, straightforward online experience. The website of Best Egg provides information to assist customers in making decisions and improving their financial literacy, and their loan application procedure is swift and straightforward.



PenFed offers loans ranging from $600 to $50,000. APRs from 7.74 percent to 17.99 percent are available from PenFed. The finest lender for modest loans is PenFed. PenFed’s flexible lending program enables borrowers to borrow what they require, making it especially suitable for those searching for smaller loans.


SoFi offers loans ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 with reasonably low APRs of 7.99% to 23.4399%. One of the best RV loans for flexible payback periods is offered by SoFi. SoFi has all the attributes of a top-tier lender, including a range of loan amounts, multiple repayment options, and no fees. Additionally, it offers special member perks that other lenders don’t.



One of the best RV loans for people with bad credit is offered by Avant, which has a minimal credit score requirement of 580 and is a great lender for people with bad credit or a short credit history.


With APRs ranging from 9.95 percent to 35.95 percent, Avant provides loans between $2,000 and $35,000. The terms that this lender offers range from 12 to 60 months.


Should You Take an RV Loan?

RV loans are lovely for those who want to purchase a recreational vehicle immediately. Still, they can be pricey, so it’s a good idea to be aware of your available financing alternatives and any potential obstacles to obtaining RV loans before you take one out.



When financing the purchase of an RV, there are numerous loan alternatives to pick from. Choosing a lender that offers big loan amounts, cheap rates, or quick funding may be your best option, depending on your financial situation and how you want to use the RV. Overall, Alliant Credit Union is our top pick for an RV loan.

Flexible financing for RVs is available from Alliant Credit Union for up to $400,000. Alliant offers loans to part-time and full-time RV inhabitants, unlike some lenders that only work with clients who intend to utilize their RVs for recreational purposes. They also provide money as fast as the same day and at competitive rates.



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