Lingose Games Airdrop: How To Participate And Get Free Reward

Are you curious about how to make money with crypto airdrops? You’re not alone. Millions of people across the globe have wondered the same. Airdrop has been promoted across dozens of airdrop websites. Can you get airdrop income to work from home? We’re talking about the possibility of earning with airdrops in a big way. You can already start earning in several ways with bitcoin, and the free giveaways called airdrops in crypto are a different category.


Now that you are here let’s discuss how to participate and get a free reward on Lingose games airdrop.

What Is An Airdrop?

An airdrop is an event in which a cryptocurrency developer issues free coins or tokens to a user base, due to a hard fork or as part of a promotion or other change in network design. In the cryptocurrency space, due to the extreme levels of interest by digital money enthusiasts, some of the most-hyped events are airdrops.


Lingose game
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Lingose aims to establish a Game ID system based on blockchain data, which provides qualification certificates by capturing users’ web3.0 behavior. The primary thing for most investors is to be alert to the airdrop phenomenon before it takes place. If you find out too late, you’ve missed your chance for free tokens or coins. Fortunately, this article provides cryptocurrency investors with tools to gain more advanced notice about these special promotions and giveaways.

How to Participate In Lingose Game Airdrop?

  •  Join the Telegram channel
  •  Follow on Twitter, like and retweet this post
  •  Complete other tasks and submit your details

How To Use Lingose Game Airdrop And Gain Reward

Step 1: Stay Tuned for News on Upcoming Airdrops

Lingose Game Airdrop offers exclusive airdrops of cryptocurrencies soon to be listed on Lingose Game. Follow Lingose Game announcements and our social media accounts [Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube] for the latest news on upcoming airdrops.

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Step 2: Deposit The Featured Crypto On Lingose Game Airdrop ASAP

Once we announce an upcoming cryptocurrency listing, Lingose Game Airdrop will allow you to deposit your tokens ahead of trading time. Act fast because the sooner you deposit, the bigger your reward will be.


Step 3: Get Free Coins From Lingose Game Airdrop

After the timer runs out or the progress bar fills up, whichever comes first, you will get your free tokens from Lingose Game Airdrop, home to the best free cryptocurrency airdrops in the world.

Lingose Game Airdrop Rules and Tips

  • Early Deposits Get Better Rewards

The Lingose Game Airdrop progress bar is divided into tiers. The first tier has the biggest airdrop rate, which gets smaller over the following tiers. You would want to get the biggest rate, so check this page often for updates.

First Come, First Served

The first deposits we receive will get an enormous airdrop rate. It all depends on how soon you deposit after we announce an airdrop. Be alert, and you’ll get a greater chance for a more rewarding airdrop.


  • Receive Rewards Over 2 Months

Rewards from this activity will be split into thirds and distributed to participants over 2 months. Users will only receive a third of their rewards earned from this activity before the start of trading.

How To Claim Lingose Game Airdrops Free Rewards?

The claim process differs from project to project. Some “holder drops” will drop tokens automatically into the wallets of users who own a specific coin. Other projects are snapshots based and can only be claimed by users who held the required token during the snapshot, which is a record of token holders taken at a specific time/block.

Earn money with airdrops by collecting all of them

Gotta catch them all! Easy enough, right? Wrong! There are several airdrop websites out there promoting fake, suspicious, or scam airdrops. Be careful which sites you visit to start earning money with airdrops. You don’t want to lose precious tokens you just collected.

At Lingose games, Airdrop Alert they verify each project for you. This way, you don’t have to worry about who you can trust in the blockchain industry. They do all the work for you and all verified free coin giveaways with clear step-by-step guides on how to join the tokenized freebies on our website.


Earn Money With Referral Airdrops 

One of the best start-up growth strategies is creating referral systems. If they receive a reward, people are willing to invite their friends and family to a product they like. Referring people to airdrops was the first-way Lingose games Airdrop Alert started to earn money.

First, we didn’t earn bitcoin, but we later collected tokens that became valuable. We have 4 tips for you to start referring and earning with airdrops.

Don’t use fake accounts or bots to increase your rewards. Seriously, most projects have increased their security over the past years; therefore, you mainly risk a ban from the ICO, and you will receive zero coins in that case.


Play Games And Earn

Curious how this works? You can play games and start earning cryptocurrency. With the rise of dApps (decentralized applications) and blockchain apps, we see more games willing to give away coins to attract users.

Not all of them donate their native token to their users, and some give you a chance to earn BTC. One example is the Swissborg app, where you play a prediction game of the price of Bitcoin. 

They allocated 500 thousand dollars in BTC to the prize pool. The better you predict the price of bitcoin, the more you earn. You might become a pro-crypto trader after playing this game.

Not a wrong way to make money with airdrops, right?


Several blockchain projects are focused on educating the world and preparing it for mass adoption. It’s becoming a more popular trend these days, as many fundraising start-ups ended up with uneducated community members. Recently Coinbase and Stellar have partnered up to teach you about XLM; as a result, you get paid while you learn about it.

You can easily earn up to $50 in XLM for signing up and watching a few videos.

Create crypto wallets and get tokens

Like ICO’s, IEO’s and STO’s the crypto wallets need to build their community and create brand awareness. In 2018 we helped build the community of BRD, which has over 500k downloads now. In this case, users received a free airdrop when they installed the new wallet.

Today we see similar wallet airdrops like Guarda and Magnum wallets. Create as many wallets as you can and start collecting free coins. You might find your favorite one to store your tokens in.

Hunt bonuses on exchanges

Surprise, surprise, exchanges give away free money to attract users. The majority of exchanges use airdrops as a way to market new coin listings, and a few of them pay out real money to sign up with an account.

Coinbase gives away $10 if you create a new account; they even reward the referrer. In short, if you create an account today, we’ll also receive an airdrop. That’s great, right?

We advise you to create an account on as many exchanges as possible to optimally use all the bonuses and referral programs they offer.

Holder airdrops

The very first giveaway listed on Airdrop Alert was baseball. For 11 straight months, the project gave away GBYTEs to anyone who held Bitcoin at the full moon each month. As you might understand from this, you needed to own BTC to receive GBYTEs. Those are referred to as holder airdrops.

In the summer of 2017, a top 30-coin airdropped OMG tokens into all wallets that held an ETH balance. As you can see, keeping some of your coins stored in your wallets might be worth it. In other words, this might be the easiest way to earn money with airdrops.

Hard fork your coins

You have 1 coin, and now you have two. How did that happen?

Hopefully, you now know how to make money with airdrops. Getting to know these projects and receiving their coins is easy and fun.

Start collecting free coins and make money from home or wherever you are. You might find some hidden free gems.

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