Glennon Insurance Brokers Review – Pros And Cons Of Glennon Insurance Brokers

This guide will review Glennon Insurance Brokers, the services and features, the types of coverage, the Payment Options, and the Pros and Cons of Glennon Insurance Brokers.


Glennon Insurance Brokers Overview

Glennon Insurance Brokers offer independent, professional, creative, and competitive insurance and risk management solutions combined with quality, service, and reliability. Glennon Insurance Brokers are risk managers, insurance consultants, and providers of pensions and services to businesses, individuals, and groups. Glennon has a distinguished history and tradition in the industry, providing insurance products and services for over 60 years in Ireland and overseas. Fast and efficient claims management is vital, and working to the highest standards, the brokers give dedicated resources to achieve speedy and efficient claims resolution.

Services And Features

The services which Glennon Insurance Brokers provide are:


(a). Glennon Insurance offers advice on the nature of life assurance policies, pensions, and investment products and which policies, pensions, or products are suitable for your needs.

(b). Glennon Insurance identifies and selects a suitable product producer through unbiased market analysis based on an adequately large number of contracts and product producers available on the market. This allows us to recommend which agreement would suit your needs according to professional criteria.

(c). Glennon Insurance in specific market segments perform a limited analysis of the market or may


(d). Glennon Insurance receives and transmits orders on your behalf for a policy, product, or pension to one or more product producers.

(e). Glennon Insurance  advise and assist in processing claims against product producers under insurance policies, pensions, and investment products arranged by the Glennon Insurance on your behalf.

(f). Glennon Insurance offers a list of product producers with which affluence they hold a written appointment is available on request.


(g). Glennon Insurance place insurance policies, pensions, and investment products with product producers licensed to underwrite such policies and who are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland or the Financial Regulator of the country in which they are established.

(h). Glennon Insurance do not, in any situation, assess, guarantee or warrant the affluence of any product producer with whom we place such policies, pensions, and investment products. As a consequence, the suitability of any product producer rests with you.

Glennon Insurance Brokers
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Features Of Glennon Insurance Brokers

 Car Insurance

  • Glennon Insurance Brokers is known for exclusive Comprehensive Driving, and Other Cars benefit automatically.
  • Glennon Insurance Brokers have improved Protected no claims bonus options.
  • Glennon Insurance Brokers have unlimited windscreen cover.
  • Glennon Insurance Brokers have 24hr Breakdown Assistance, including.

 Home Insurance

  • Glennon Insurance have emergency access to merchants on a 24hr basis.
  • The New for Old cover on floor coverings.
  • Glennon Insurance Brokers’ Personal Liability covers up to €3 Million.
  • Glennon Insurance has alternative accommodation cover.
  • It has shopping in transit cover.

 Travel Insurance

  • Glennon Insurance gives an exclusive discount
  • Single or Yearly Multi-Trips.
  • Overseas medical and return expenses.
  • Cancellation, Missed Departure, or Baggage Delay
  • They offer European Car Hire Excess and Winter Sports optional add-ons

Types Of Coverage

Glennon Insurance Brokers covers investment, pensions, and consultancy services insurance. Glennon Insurance Brokers cover Personal Accidents, Personal Liability, and Legal Expenses. Glennon Insurance Brokers also covers private medical insurance, mortgage protection, and coming home.

Payment Options

Glennon Insurance Brokers accept payments in cash, by cheques, by electronic fund transfer, and by credit/debit card in respect of all classes of insurance.



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Pros And Cons Of Glennon Insurance Brokers


  • It can manage risk over a long period and have good experience in general, life, pensions, and business insurance.
  • Where a discrepancy of €2 or less arises between the amount due and the amount received to cover your Insurance Policy, Investment Product or Pension and fees, Glennon Insurance shall be entitled to accumulate and donate to a Charity of their choice in a lump sum at the end of each year.
  • Glennon Insurance issues a Statement of Suitability that will indicate why the product(s) or service(s) offered or recommended to you are suitable for your needs and objectives, personal circumstances, and financial situation.
  • If your product producer cannot pay a claim, Glennon Insurances might give you compensation from the Insurance Compensation Fund in Ireland.
  • It has the best chance of finding you the best price for the coverage you need.
  • Glennon Insurance is the best way to quickly maximize your chances of getting the best deal and save time.
  • Insurance brokers provide much more personalized service than if you buy directly from an insurance company.


  • Non-payment of your premium or part of your installments or violation by you of certain conditions of your policy may lead to your policy being revoked or canceled.
  • If you make payments in installments, Glennon Insurance or your product producer may cancel the insurance policy, investment, or pension if you miss a payment.


When making payments, you must state the policy, pensions, or investment products to which payment is made. If you don’t want to specify the policy, pensions, or investment products, Glennon Insurance Brokers have the right to assign the payment against any outstanding payment.

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