10 Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now for Max Gains

An investor that has tried to get their hands on an NFT during a public Presales is likely aware of how unfortunate it feels to miss out. One way not to miss out on NFTs Presales is by finding the best NFT presale to invest in right now.


This guide will discuss the 10 Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now for Max Gains, and each of the collections we’re going to look at has a solid roadmap and provides some utility. 

The 10 Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now for Max Gains

NFTs Presales to Invest in
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1. Tamadoge

Tamadoge is a high-rated addition to the doge ecosystem and, Overall Best NFT Presale to invest in right now. Tamadoge competes for leaderboard ranking to take home prizes, and the players raise pets too. The take-home prices aren’t just prizes in the virtual world because players play this crypto game to exchange rewards for fiat currency. Players purchase NFTs to feed their pets and even provide cosmetic products to look after their virtual animals. 


Now is the perfect time to buy the Tamadoge coin because it is one of the Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now for Max Gains because Tamadoge announced its presale phase with a 25% discount. The presale will run until September 2, 2022, and then the presale continues until Q4 2022. The beta sale Tamadoge price is $0.01, with a minimum investment of 1,000 TAMA, including $10 plus a small gas fee, making it one of the cheapest cryptos.

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2. Battle Infinity 

Battle Infinity is the Top-Rated NFT Presale Game. Early on, high-quality projects are the most profitable way to invest in the NFT space. Battle Infinity is an NFT project set to take the market by storm with its various features, excellent fundamentals, and strong marketing. 


Battle Infinity is one of the Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now for Max. It is KYC-verified by CoinSniper, and once live, users can create their avatars and customize them as they like. Users can interact with others and come together to generate income through $IBAT-denominated rewards. 

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3. MemeLand

MemeLand is the future9GAG Affiliated NFT Collection Designed by social media platform 9GAG. MemeLand is an Ethereum-based collection of 9,999 PFP style NFTs named Captains, each packed full of utility. Investors can buy MemLand because it is one of the Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now for Max Gains.


The MemeLand collection is full of cool NFT art and utility. The project aims to join web2 and web3 communities to empower creators. Also, each NFT gives the holder exclusive access to a private club, an NFT marketplace, real-life events, and upcoming 9GAG projects.

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4. MekaRIM

MekaRIM is Play-to-Earn Presale NFT Collection. Investors that enjoy play-to-earn games should consider MekaRIM as one of the best NFT presales to invest in. The Play-to-Earn Presale NFT Collection will consist of 10,000 3D robots with over 100 traits, and each NFT will be sold for 0.15 ETH.

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5. WonderSecretClub 

The WonderSecretClub collection is composed of 5,555 unique retro NFT characters. This NFT collection focuses on a story about a group of kids that take on mystery in the fictional town of Fortville. 

The WonderSecretClub is one of the Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now for Max Gains because it has big plans for the future. Each holder will have access to the Wonder Secret Club, where the team will host exclusive competitions and giveaways with some exciting prizes.

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6. Dads

Dads is a Presale NFT Collection Created for Fathers’ Day by Rami Niemi, an artist and father of three. Dads is a collection of 6000 exclusive NFT fathers. The exhibition was created in celebration of father’s day, and each NFT will be 0.09 Ethereum.


Dads collection is one of the Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now for Max Gains because each holder will become a ‘Dads member’ and receive precedence access to future collaborations. Dads members will also be patrons of the Fount Gallery, meaning they can enjoy early access to a wide range of art. Holders will be eligible for high-quality merch and collaborative pieces from renowned brands, and each Dads NFT comes with merchandising rights for up to $150,000.

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7. Deskheads 

Deskheads is a collection of presale NFTs designed by and centered around desk workers. Deskheads is one of the Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now for Max Gains because it Provides the Tools to Create in Web3. The project is created upon the Ethereum blockchain and has a supply of 5000; the features phenomenal designed artwork, and the utility offered is even better. 


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8. The Causeways by Ethentic

The Causeways by Ethentic is a Presale NFT Collection Joining the NFT and Physical Worlds. The Causeways is the latest presale NFT collection from Ethentic and a series of 2,500 NFTs based on the Giants Causeway in Ireland. Its focus on the physical world makes The Causeways different from other NFT collections.

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9. Mavrix – Augmented Reality Presale NFT

Mavrix (Multiverse Augmented- Virtual- Reality Interactive Xperience) price & presale date are yet to be announced, but as the project develops, details will be circulated via Twitter and Discord. Mavrix is one of the Best NFTs Presales to Invest in Right Now because of the unique ability to wear your NFT using an augmented reality app. Apart from AR, holders are entitled to fair few benefits and will have the option of downloading an app available on Android and Apple to see how they’d look blended with the NFT they own.


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10. Beyond Citizens 

Beyond Rockets is an exciting collection of 10,000 profile picture-style presale NFTs. The Beyond Citizens collection was a part of the Beyond Rockets ecosystem. The project is aspiring to make the best voxel-style NFT art, and with many planned utilities, it could be one of the best NFT presales to invest in right now.

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This guide discusses the 10 best NFT presales to invest in right now. Each reviewed project is solid and has been great; kindly drop your view in the comment section.


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