14 Best Oil Stocks to Buy Right Now

Oil is a prevalent performing asset class in 2022, and it is crucial to research the best oil stocks for 2022 to ensure that you are making intelligent investment decisions.


In this guide, we will discuss the best oil stocks to buy now and how to complete your investment at a commission-free broker. It would help if you thoroughly researched the markets and historical data when buying stocks for the first time. 

Best Oil Stocks to Buy  Right  Now
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If you are interested in oil stock and want to invest in it, this guide will give you a list of the best oil stocks to buy and help you decide which oil stocks to invest in.

Best Oil Stocks to Buy Right Now in 2022

Below is the top list of the best oil stocks you can buy in the year 2022, and they include the following.


1. Marathon Petroleum

Marathon Petroleum is a US-based oil stock focusing on crude oil and gasoline. Marathon Petroleum is one of the biggest wholesale suppliers in this industry as it can produce almost 3 million barrels of crude oil per day, especially in the current economic climate, where oil demand far outweighs supply. It is good to note that this oil stock is a diversified business but has limited international exposure

2. Shell  


Shell is one of the best oil stocks with the best value that investors can research. It is recognized internationally with its familiar red and yellow logo and has one of the strongest brands in oil stock. It is one of the most experienced companies in the oil industry and is judicious in assuming it will retain its leadership position in the E.U.

3. ExxonMobil  

ExxonMobil is a US-based stock and a significant producer of oil and gas, and it has a huge market capitalization of more than $350 billion. ExxonMobil is one of the largest and most prominent oil stocks in this industry, with a long-standing history and industry experience.



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4. Marathon Oil Corporation (MRO)

Marathon Oil Corporation is a business focused on oil exploration and production. The company centers on low-cost, high-margin areas in the U.S. that are rich in oil. It has some experience with oil internationally through Equatorial Guinea. MRO also has a dividend increase in share buybacks

5. ConocoPhillips 


One of the best oil stocks is ConocoPhillips. It was founded in 2002 and is among the major US-based oil companies with its stock listing on the NYSE. The firm operates in over a range of global regions, including but not limited to Norway, Malaysia, Australia, and Canada.

6. Imperial Oil Limited (IMO)

Imperial Oil is a diversified business with high insider ownership and has been in business for more than an era. It distributes fuels for both retail and marine customers and also creates chemical products and asphalt pavings. 


7. Suncor Energy Inc. (SU)

Suncor Energy is one of Canada’s most prominent companies focusing on developing one of the largest petroleum resource basins in the world. The company has an excellent sustainability track record. Suncor Energy Inc has invested in sustainability, has an attractive dividend, and has a low P/E ratio.

8. Chevron  

Chevron is one of the leading oil companies in the US, and the firm is operational in more than 180 nations globally. In terms of its key markets, Chevron has exposure to virtually every step of the global supply chain of oil, Including everything from exploration and production to refining and logistics.


9. Liberty Energy Inc. (LBRT)

Liberty Energy is an innovative long-term business model that services the oil and gas exploration companies. It grabs the oil industry from the angle of developing new technologies to serve existing oil businesses. 

Although it has an innovative business model, it has missed several periodical estimates in the last year and is currently unprofitable. However, Liberty Energy has the potential to perform better in the future and could be a good choice for theoretical investors.

10. BP 

BP is one of the oil stocks based in the UK oil and gas stock with its primary listing on the London Stock Exchange. It carries a P/E ratio of more than 13 times. As such, this theory indicates that the oil stock can be purchased at a favorable entry price.

11. Phillips 66  

Phillips 66 offers your long-term portfolio stability. Phillips 66, just like BP, has underperformed the broader market in recent years. 

12. Halliburton  

One of the best oil stocks for 2022 is Halliburton. This stock does not extract or produce oil itself. On the contrary, Halliburton provides products and services to the broader energy industry. In doing so, this ensures that conventional oil companies meet their exploration targets in a cost-efficient manner.

13. China Petroleum  

China Petroleum is the final oil stock we will be discussing in this guide. Its stock is listed in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, but you can easily invest in this company from the US at eToro without paying any commission.

14. Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

Occidental is an oil stock backed by experts, has a decent cash pile, and has an attractive P/E multiple. Stock price appreciation may not be sustainable in this oil stock.

It will be advisable to know that the first thing to assess when searching for the best oil stocks is to look at how the company has performed against the broader market. This guide has reviewed and talked about the best oil stocks currently available in the market. 

Let’s have your view and opinion on the best oil stocks to buy discussed in this article.


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