Rivian Stock Price Predictions and Forecasts 2022 – 2030

Founded in 2009, Rivian Automotive, Inc. is an American manufacturer and provider of electric vehicles and provider of automotive technologies, respectively. Rivian is developing an electric pickup truck and sport utility vehicle on a “skateboard” framework that may accommodate additional cars or be adapted by other businesses. Rivian Stock Price Prediction is what market experts predict will be the future action of Rivian Stock Price.

Manufacturer of heavy-duty electric vehicles (EVs), such as pickup trucks, Rivian specializes in EVs. In November 2021, the firm made its Nasdaq debut through an initial public offering (IPO) valued at $78 per share. Through 2022, the electric vehicle manufacturer intended to build 25,000 vehicles. None of the 17.7% of the business owned by the dominant online retailer Amazon (AMZN) has been sold. The business produces the R1T and R1S, which start at $69,500 and $72,500, respectively. Let’s explore the Rivian Stock Price Prediction from 2022-2030.

Rivian Stock Price Predictions
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What You Need to Know About Rivian stock

1. Not all Georgians are outraged by the company’s presence:


In addition to its factory in Illinois, Rivian is making headway on constructing a second facility to the east of Atlanta, Georgia, where it intends to assemble its R2 vehicles. When the plant in the Peach State is operating at total capacity, Rivian anticipates having a combined annual production capacity of 600,000 automobiles.

2.  California and Illinois are also in danger: 


Rivian isn’t the only one who is having problems. The conflict has also arisen about the organization’s culture at its California headquarters. Laura Schwab, the company’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing at the time, sued Rivian in November, claiming that senior management had a “toxic bro culture” and that she had been subjected to gender discrimination. There haven’t been any significant developments regarding the litigation.

3. The danger appears too high for a few well-known investors.

Without a doubt, investors pay close attention to Rivian. The meme stock crowd occasionally includes Rivian, as it did this week when it was the most popular stock on the WallStreetBets subreddit of Reddit.

4. Shares appear to be inexpensive.


The period following Rivian’s IPO, during which shares rapidly increased, is long gone. Shares of Rivian shot up to $172 just a week after they first debuted on the public markets for $78. The stock looks more appealing from a price tag perspective due to the 83% decline it has experienced from its all-time high. Traditional valuation measurements cannot be used because the company needs to produce earnings or cash flow; instead, we can evaluate the stock in terms of sales.

5. The hiccups, insiders are optimistic.


It can’t be argued that recent years have been difficult for Rivian and its shareholders. However, management is still adamant that the stock will increase once more; in fact, executives have been taking on more shares in the business. For instance, the director of Rivian Jay Flatley purchased 40,000 shares on May 26 for $1.17 million.

Rivian stock price history 

Rivian may have made its stock market debut at the most unfavorable moment in the previous 14 years. In November 2021, the EV manufacturer was listed on the booming Nasdaq with an IPO. RIVN stock was initially valued at $79 per share. The stock surged to $170 within a week after opening above its IPO price of $100.71.

However, a significant Nasdaq shock at the beginning of the year caused Rivian’s stock to take its first beating, falling by around half in January to conclude the month at $57.12. That month, Amazon bought vans from Stellantis, dealing with Rivian another setback. Amazon later clarified that it would continue to fund Rivian, which raised investor confidence.

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Rivian stock price prediction 2022

Keep an eye on market movements. Additionally, a techno-funda analysis of Rivian’s stock price projection for 2022 indicates that the stock will likely touch the low range at $40.00, the high range at $45.75, and the medium range at $42.75.

Rivian stock price prediction 2023

According to our price forecast, the price of Rivian stock in 2023 will be between $123 and $157. The business is working extremely hard to increase output pace. To increase sales and profit, they should.

Rivian stock price prediction 2024

The predicted ranges for the price of Rivian stock are $71.75, $82.25 for the higher range, and $77.00 for the middle range, depending on the evolution of its relationship with Amazon, one of its largest stockholders.

Rivian stock price prediction 2025

The predicted trading range for Rivian stock in 2025 is 120.5 to 128.25 USD.


Rivian stock Price Predictions 2026

According to our analysis, the price of Rivian stock is anticipated to fluctuate between a lower range of $109.50, a higher range of $125.00, and a medium range of $117.75.

Rivian stock price prediction 2027

Rivian stock price prediction is to reach the Lower range at $134.50, the Upper range at $154.50, and the Medium range of $145.00 for the stock price.

Rivian stock price prediction 2028

 The technical analysis predicts that the price will eventually reach the Lower Range of $162.75, the Higher Range of $186.50, and the Medium Range of $174.25.

Rivian stock price prediction 2029

The predicted price of the stock is $197.50 in the lower range, $225.75 in the higher range, and $211.00 in the middle.

Rivian stock price prediction 2030

The vast majority of analysts think highly of Rivian Future. According to estimates, Rivian will grow at a startling 40 to 50% compound annual growth rate through 2030.


What is the forecast for Rivian?

The Rivian Stock Price Prediction According to the opinions of 21 analysts as of October 18, the stock of Rivian was a “moderate buy,” with 15 analysts rating it as a “buy,” seven rating it as a “hold,” and two ratings it as a “sell.” Accordingly, the RIVN stock outlook appeared cautiously optimistic.

Is Rivian stock a good buy?

Depending on your risk tolerance, portfolio size, investment objectives, market experience, and other personal factors, you should decide whether to invest in Rivian stock. Investors in Rivian should think about how confident they are in the company’s ability to maintain production at its target level to fulfill a backlog of pre-orders, the appeal of the EV manufacturer in the long run, and how the growth of rivals like Ford and Tesla may affect Rivian’s final demand. Always do your research before making a trade. Furthermore, never trade or invest money you cannot afford to lose.


Your risk tolerance, portfolio size, investment objectives, market experience, and other individual factors will determine whether you should invest in Rivian stock. Investors in Rivian should think about how confident they are in the EV manufacturer’s ability to maintain production at its target level to satisfy a backlog of pre-orders, the appeal of the company over the long term, and how the growth of rivals like Ford and Tesla may affect Rivian’s final demand. Before trading, always do your research. Additionally, never trade or invest money you cannot afford to lose.


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