IBM Stock Price Prediction-Expert Forecast

IBM stock is a global computing and business services company. IBM’s revenues have eclipsed $100 billion, and 390,000 are employed. IBM stock gives its clients a wide range of services, including analytics, business consulting services, cloud computing systems, and much more.


IBM stock is based out of New York City; it is publicly traded on the NASDAQ with the symbol “IBM.”IBM was founded by Thomas J. Watson Sr., Charles Ranlett Flint, Arthur Kuehler (Arthur H.), James Watson Jr. (James), and John Farrand Aitken on July 11, 1911. The first headquarters for IBM was located at Endicott House in Manhattan – now known as IBM Plaza.

IBM’s first product was a time-keeping machine that would print standardized tickets for IBM employees to punch in and out of work. IBM moved into hardware in 1924 with the introduction of its punched card tabulating machines, which governments used to process the 1940 US census data quickly.

The company has also had great success developing software products and services around those technologies; what started as a calculator on one computer system using magnetic tape technology is now IBM i — an operating platform is known worldwide across multiple industries.


In November 2018, IBM announced they would be laying off more than 14,000 workers globally – nearly 60% from U.S.-based job cuts alone – due to layoffs shifting overseas and new skills needs.     

IBM Stock Forecast

2022/08/01. IBM stock predictions for 2022-2024

IBM Stock Price Predictions For August 2022

The forecast for the beginning of August 141: Maximum value 142, while minimum 113. which averaged IBM stock price for month 129. Price at the end 120, change for August -14.89%.


IBM Stock Predictions For September 2022

The forecast for the beginning of September 120. Maximum value 121, while minimum 107. which averaged IBM stock price for month 116. Price at the end 114, change for September -5.00%.

IBM Stock Forecast By Month From August 2022 To August 2024

Year Month Min Max Close Total
2022 Aug 113 142 120 14.89%
2022 Sep 107 121 114 19.15%
2022 Oct 108 122 115 18.44%
2022 Nov 114 128 121 14.18%
2022 Dec 130 123 123 12.77%
2023 Jan 121 137 129 8.51%
2023 Feb 125 141 133 -5.67%
2023 Mar 127 143 135 -4.26%
2023 Apr 133 151 142 0.71%
2023 May 136 154 145 2.84%
2023 Jun 141 159 150 6.38%
2023 July 145 163 154 9.22%
2023 Aug 146 164 155 9.93%
2023 Sep 148 166 157 11.35%
2023 Oct 150 170 160 13.48%
2023 Nov 153 173 163 15.60%
2023 Dec 161 181 171 21.28%
2024 Jan 169 191 180 27.66%
2024 Feb 171 192 182 28.66%
2024 Mar 171 193 182 29.08%
2024 Apr 175 197 186 31.91%
2024 May 183 207 195 38.30%
2024 Jun 188 212 200 41.84%
2024 July 189 213 201 42.55%
2024 Aug 190 214 202 43.26%


IBM Stock Price

IBM’s Price in the Market is $132.04, and on The Trade Desk, it is $45.43. You can also shop on Shopify at $36.44 or $105.39 on Zoom Video Communications.
On CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc’s IBM Stock Price is $183.30.


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How To Buy IBM Stock

Step 1: Find a Good Online Broker


When looking for a good online broker, put into consideration:

  • What kind of market does the broker have access to? (not all brokers have access to sell and purchase stocks on the NASDAQ).
  • Consider the commissions and fees charged by the company for trading.
  • What types of funds and stock is available for trading online?
  • Consider if you can open a brokerage account with the company because of your citizenship status.
  • Consider how much time you will spend learning a new platform (typically less than an hour).
  • Which margin rates the broker offers?

 Step 2: Open Your Brokerage Account

After finding your online broker, you must open an account to begin trading. Opening an account with a broker is much like opening a regular bank account, and it typically requires going through your computer or the company’s website.

Depending on the broker, location, and the rules required for opening a new investment account, it can vary in the time required to open your brokerage account.


Some apps like Robinhood take only a short time to input your information, have the company verify it, and then clear you for trading.

 Step 3: Deposit Money In Your Account

You’ll need to pay cash for them, implying you will need to deposit money into your account (at least above the minimum opening account balance).


Most brokers enable this instantly threw verified services like Plaid. While your transfer clears, some allow you the ability to trade on credit until the funds officially settle in your account.

IBM Stock Dividend

IBM stock dividends are usually paid every March 10, June, September, and December. The dividend record date usually overcomes the dividend payment date by approximately 30 days.

You have the right to receive any cash dividends from IBM stock on the shares you hold on a record date as a registered stockholder. The Board of Directors determines current dividends and future payments, and they also determine the date to be shared, which is the record date, and the date is the day on which shares must be divided.

IBM Dividend 2022

According to the most recent data, as of August 2022, IBM paid dividends totaling 6.58 USD per share within the last 12 months. The current stock price of 132.27 USD corresponds to a dividend yield of 4.97%. The formula for calculating the dividend yield of IBM stock is: 6.58 USD ÷ 132.27 USD * 100 = 4.97%


Does IBM Pay A Good Dividend?

Before this announcement, the company paid out 119% of what it was earning; however, the dividend payment is settled by cash flows which are accessible at a ratio of 68%. Due to that, we think free cash flow is more essential than keeping measures of gain when having access to the dividend, so this is a mitigating factor.

The following 12 months are set to see EPS grow by 32.6%. Given that the dividend continues along recent trends, we think the payout ratio could reach 175%, which probably can’t continue putting some pressure on the balance sheet.

The history has been extended of paying stable dividends. Starting from 2012, the dividend has gone from US$3.00 to US$6.56. This means that the company grew its distributions yearly by about 8.0% over that time frame. For several years the dividend has been growing and has given its shareholders some nice income in their portfolios.

The Dividend Has Limited Growth Potential

If you are an investor and have held IBM stock for the past few years, then congratulations on their dividend income. Earnings per share have been decreasing by 15%, and this step shows that the business is going down, which will affect more enormous dividends each year in the future. However, next year’s earnings will rise. Let’s observe it more before we conclude.


In conclusion, IBM Stock will soon take a yielding turn if the earnings per share stop decreasing by 15%. Do not forget to drop your comment after reading this article.


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