How to Track Your Tax Return Status In 2023 – Step by Step Guide

Today we will discuss how to track your tax return status in 2023. The tax department must indicate in your intimation notice that you have an income tax return due after processing your tax return. Also, after completing your income tax return (ITR) for the relevant year, you are eligible for an income tax return if you paid more tax than your actual tax liability during that financial year. However, you will get this income tax refund once the IRS has processed your ITR and confirmed it by notification.


The days can drag on when you’re waiting for your tax refund. But, if the income tax refund is due to you according to the income tax department, then this article is a step-by-step guide on how to track your tax return status.

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What is Tax Return?

The income tax department returns the excess amount paid after the due assessment when a taxpayer makes an overpayment of income tax to the government compared to its actual income tax liability for a given year. An “Income tax refund” is the term used to describe this amount.


The State Bank of India (SBI) processes the income tax return, which is then immediately credited to the bank account that the taxpayer specified when completing the ITR. As a result, it’s crucial to confirm that you’ve provided the right IFS code and bank account number. The PAN must also be linked to the bank account, which must be prevalidated on the government’s new income tax e-filing platform.

 How To Track Your Tax Return Status

Once the refund is determined, the tax department will process the same. You can track the income tax return on the new income tax portal or the NSDL website.

1. On the new income tax portal

The steps below can be used to track the status of an income tax return on the government’s new income tax portal:


  1. Go to and log in using your PAN/Aadhaar number as your user ID and password.
  2. Choose the “e-file” option after logging in. Choose “Income tax returns” from the “e-file” menu, and then choose “See Filed returns.”
  3. Verify the most recent ITR submitted. The most recent ITR submitted (assuming you’ve already done so) for FY 2021–22 will be for AY 2022–23. Choose the “See Details” link. After being chosen, it will display the ITR filed status. It will also display the date on which tax refunds were issued, the amount refunded, and the date on which any refunds owing for this AY were cleared.


2. On the TIN NSDL website

Checking the status of your income tax return on the NSDL website is another way to keep track of it. Remember that the taxpayer can check the refund’s progress on this website ten days after the Officer that assessed it sends it to the refund banker. To track your income tax return on the TIN NSDL website, follow these steps:

  1. Access the website:
  2. Provide your PAN details.
  3. Choose the appropriate assessment year for which you intend to track the status of your return.
  4. The assessment year for FY 2021–22 will be 2022–23.
  5. Type the captcha code and press the “Submit” button. You’ll get a notification on your screen depending on the state of your refund.

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What the status message means

The notice you’ll get will depend on your income tax refund status. One of the following will appear as the message:


  • Refund is credited: This notice will appear if the income tax refund was successfully credited to your bank account. Also, it will display references, the last four digits of the bank account, and the refund date.

If your bank account has not yet been credited with your return, you can:

  1. Send a letter toState Bank of India, at Survey No.21 Opposite Hyderabad Central University, Main Gate, Gachibowli, Hyderabad -50001.
  2. Contact [email protected] by email.
  3. Contact the SBI call centre at 18004259760
  • Refund Returned: This notice will appear when your income tax return is not credited to your bank account.


Understanding various income tax return status


Refund status Meaning Action required


Refund issued ITR filing is processed, and your account is credited with the return. Check your bank to see if you received a refund.

No demand No refund You are not required to pay tax or be eligible for refunds. If you requested a refund, review the comparison you received from the IT department, and submit a rectified return if necessary.

Refund failure The IT department acknowledged the refund, but it wasn’t paid because the bank information was wrong and wasn’t prevalidated. Please validate the bank account and update the income tax portal with the right information. and submit a request for a refund reissue.


Refund status not determined Your ITR has not yet been processed. In a few days, recheck the status again.



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