How to Set Up a Helium Miner – Step-by-Step Guide

One decentralized network at a time, cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the economy, and Helium is a part of that! Due to the possible rewards, mining cryptocurrencies has grown in popularity. But how do you get started?

Using the proper tools is the solution. Our purpose in being here is to clarify. Even if you are new to cryptocurrency mining, this guide will take you through the Helium Network and how to set up a Helium Miner to get started. Let’s begin with the basics.


Through its many miner devices, the Helium Network is a blockchain that uses a decentralized method. You can mine the money using these hotspot miners. You can make HNT and contribute to this global network by mining Helium (the cryptocurrency associated with Helium).


How to Set Up a Helium Miner
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How To Set Up a Helium Miner

To start earning HNT, you need to set up your Helium miner. Below is a guide on how to set up a Helium Miner.

Download the Helium App and Create an Account

Downloading the specifically created Helium app from the app store is the first thing you must do. You have everything you need in the app to get going and keep an eye on your operations. Your phone will determine which app you use, but they are all simple to find using the app store search bar and have names similar to Helium Hotspot.

Create an account once you have downloaded the app. The app will create your “Helium wallet,” which will house your important information.


Generate a 12-Word Seed Phrase

The app will then generate for you a 12-word seed phrase. It consists of twelve words that will serve as a backup for your Helium wallet if you are unfamiliar with this. Once you have the seed phrase, it’s best to write it down or take a screenshot, so you don’t forget it. Your information is kept secure by this useful security precaution.

Verify the Correct Seed Phrase Order

It makes sense that you might make an error when writing twelve words in sequential order because it is a lot to process. Verify that you have properly written all the words before continuing. If you neglect your other sign-in information in the future, it may help you regain access to your Helium wallet.

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Set a Six-Digit Pin for Your Account

The app will also ask you to create a six-digit pin that you must input each time you attempt to enter as an additional layer of security. In case you neglect it, we suggest writing it down but keeping it separate from your 12-word seed phrase. In this manner, even if it is discovered, the finder won’t have complete access to your account. Security is crucial!

Add a Helium Hotspot Miner to the App

It’s time to set up your Helium hotspot miner after completely setting up your account on the app and capturing all of your security information. To accomplish this, find the plus (+) sign somewhere on the app’s interface. You can choose your hotspot from here and start the connection procedure with your miner.

Although each miner goes through this procedure slightly differently, they all follow the same general pattern. Validators and hotspots are the main categories of miners accessible on the Helium network. Identify which one you’re attempting to set up before beginning to guarantee a more efficient setup.

Connect Your Hotspot Miner to Bluetooth and Your Router

You should receive a tiny pin key with your Helium miner, which you can press a button on the top of the device to turn on Bluetooth. If you follow these instructions properly, a blue light on the front of the miner should flash, indicating that Bluetooth connectivity is possible. This can be done on your smartphone using the app, which will display the hotspots that are accessible.


To set up Wi-Fi, you must return to the Helium app and choose from the available network choices. Your Wi-Fi should then appear; all you have to do to connect is pick it up.

Ensure Your Miner is in the Best Position

Your miner should be stored in an open area like your Wi-Fi signal is stronger when your router isn’t blocked. It typically works best next to the window, where it can receive and send signals without potential interference.

Although miners are frequently small, you shouldn’t hide them in cabinets or drawers. They must be left out in the open!

Log in to the Helium Dashboard

Log into the Helium dashboard after connecting your hotspot to the internet. Here, you can set up your network preferences and begin mining.


Configure Network Settings

You should then make the necessary changes to your network’s configuration. This entails setting up your mining preferences and deciding which networks to use. You must pick a mining group as well. Mining pools are teams or groups of miners who pool their computational resources to increase the likelihood that they will discover a block and earn rewards. You can find mining groups on websites like

Begin Mining

You can begin mining after configuring your network options. The proof-of-coverage consensus mechanism used by the Helium network means that rewards are provided to miners in proportion to the coverage they provide to the network. You will receive more benefits the more coverage you provide.




In conclusion, setting up a Helium miner is a good way to get paid for assisting with the creation and upkeep of the Helium network. Anyone can start mining Helium and receive rewards if they have the appropriate hardware, wallet, and internet access. Remember to conduct maintenance to guarantee peak performance and address potential problems routinely.

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