What Are The Companies In The Consumer Services Field

If you want a career where you can use your skills to better customers’ lives, you might be interested in finding out about some well-known businesses recruiting in this field. To assist you in deciding whether to apply for their available positions, we list 18 companies in the consumer services field, define the services they offer, and provide some background information.


Companies In The Consumer Services Field
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What Is the Consumer Services Field?

The consumer services field is a growing industry that involves providing a wide range of services to consumers. These services could include food and grocery delivery, housecleaning, education and skill development classes, customer service, healthcare, or financial aid.

What do consumer services mean in business?

Consumer services are those that are primarily provided to individuals rather than businesses. This segment of the global economy is enormous, and the business model is widespread. Intangible value, such as an experience, outcome, or process, is provided through services.


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18 companies in the consumer services field 

You may look at the following 18 companies in the consumer services field, along with information on each one’s headquarters location:


Location of the Talkdesk office: San Francisco, California.


Talkdesk is one of the companies in the consumer services field. A well-known enterprise cloud contact center called Talkdesk aids companies in enhancing their consumer interactions. Since its launch in 2011, Talkdesk has enabled more than 1,800 businesses to boost productivity and customer satisfaction scores by providing top-notch call quality and app integration options.


San Francisco, California, is home to the Innovaccer office.

Innovaccer is one of the companies in the consumer services field. A healthcare technology business called Innovaccer is committed to employing big data analytics to enhance patients’ treatment. The data activation platform from Innovaccer, a company founded in 2014, enables healthcare organizations to analyze their data and create more effective solutions. 


Office location: Germany’s Berlin


N26 is among the companies in the consumer services field. N26, a company founded in 2013, operates entirely online, intending to give customers quick, easy, and contemporary banking. They offer various services, such as insurance, credit, savings, and foreign exchange possibilities. 


Location of the office: New York, New York

Pfizer is not excluded from the companies in the consumer services field. To increase access to reasonably priced healthcare, Pfizer, a consumer services company in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, collaborates with medical professionals and governmental organizations. Pfizer, which was established in 1849, strives to create cutting-edge drugs that can be used to treat, prevent, and even cure illnesses. 


San Francisco, California, is where the office is.


Thumbtack is among the companies in the consumer services field. By linking homes with certified construction and maintenance specialists in their region, Thumbtack assists homeowners with basic repairs and significant remodeling projects. Thumbtack, established in 2008, also gives homeowners advice and materials so they may take care of and improve their homes.

 Babylon Health

Location of offices: Chelsea, London

Through its online app, Babylon Health, founded in 2013, offers accessible and reasonably priced healthcare to people worldwide. They work to link individuals with medical professionals by giving them the option to book appointments on their website. Users can use tools from Babylon Health to assess their symptoms and text medical specialists with inquiries.



Location of the office: New York, New York

Kasisto is one of the companies in the consumer services field Kasisto, an information technology company founded in 2013, employs artificial intelligence to respond to customer inquiries and offer support through mobile applications, messaging services, websites, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Kasisto makes it simple for businesses to engage with customers quickly and informally by building customized omnichannel bots and virtual assistants.


Location of office: Irvine, California

Acorns is a smartphone application that enables Americans to invest a small amount in exchange-traded funds. The Acorns program, which was founded in 2012, rounds up users’ regular purchases and makes micro-investments on their behalf. Acorns may employ anyone who is interested in a career in consumer services and finance. Product management, marketing, cybersecurity, and analyst positions are just a few examples of job functions.



San Luis Obispo, California, is where the company is based.

Mindbody has more than 13 physical sites in the USA, the UK, India, and Australia. Mindbody was founded in 2001 with the goal of increasing access to health, beauty, and wellness services. Members can book appointments and plan sessions online thanks to a user-friendly smartphone app that Mindbody has developed in collaboration with over 25,000 companies.

Location of offices: Seattle, Washington

An internet service called connects dog owners with trustworthy pet sitters. This website, founded in 2011, offers information about dog walking, pet sitting, doggie daycare, and in-home boarding services. Including careers in content production, product management, engineering, and operations, offers choices for pet owners who reside in the United States, Canada, and portions of Europe.


Office location: Germany’s Berlin

A multinational corporation called HelloFresh offers meal kits to customers in the United States, Australia, Denmark, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and Western Europe. HelloFresh was established in 2011 to make cooking at home easy and enjoyable by supplying its members with fresh supplies and meal ideas. Working for HelloFresh could be a fantastic opportunity for people who love food and cooking.


Santa Clara, California, is the site of the office.

Chegg is an online resource that connects high school and college students with the materials they need to succeed academically. It was founded in 2005. This business provides online homework help, textbook rentals, and scheduling and organization tools. Additionally, Chegg offers materials on scholarships and assists students in selecting the universities and programs that are best for them.


Location of the office: New York, New York

The health and weight loss program Noom uses psychological science to assist individuals in altering their behavior and embracing healthy lifestyle changes. They have hired over 3,000 personal coaches since 2008 and created online courses for various objectives, such as diabetes prevention, weight loss, and hypertension management. 


Birmingham, Alabama, is the site of the office.

Shipt, a 2014 startup, uses its smartphone app to link customers with nearby shoppers to deliver groceries and other household necessities to members. Since its debut, Shipt has grown to serve over 250 markets in the US. Professionals who want to contribute to a customer care team, engage in product management, shop for customers, or work remotely as engineers will find plenty of flexible job options at Shipt.

Herc Rentals

Office location: Florida’s Bonita Springs

Herc Rentals is a reputable rental firm that offers consumers secure, effective equipment through its more than 265 locations across numerous nations. Herc Rentals, established in 1965, provides tools for concrete and masonry work and equipment tailored to the construction and facilities services sectors. 


Location of office: Tel Aviv, Israel

Fiverr is an online marketplace that links freelancers with customers. It was established in 2010. On Fiverr, employers who want to recruit freelancers can post job openings and examine bids to choose the right candidate. In addition to offering versions of its marketplace in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, and Portuguese, Fiverr has various sites worldwide. 

Pure Barre

Located in Irvine, California

Strength, flexibility, and agility are all things that are improved in group exercise programs offered by Pure Barre. Pure Barre, a fitness company founded in 2001, has more than 500 studios in North America and offers sessions ranging from aerobic barre exercises to resistance and strength training.


Office location: Denver, Colorado

Ibotta is one of the companies in the consumer services field Ibotta offers customers a digital platform that enables them to purchase online and save money on groceries and other items. Ibotta was established in 2012 and has worked with several well-known brands and merchants to provide discounts, rebates, and cashback options for consumers looking to cut costs.

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