8 Cheap Solar Stocks under 10 dollars to add to your Buy List 

Are you seeking cheap solar stocks under 10 dollars to add to your buy list? You should read this post because it will examine 8 cheap solar stocks under $10 that you should add to your buy list.

In recent years, some of the market’s hottest stocks have been Solar Stocks Under $10.  Solar Stocks Under 10 dollars have become a significant political concern and a potentially profitable long-term investing concept among younger investors. Few renewable energy stocks are trading for less than $10 per share. However, a few choices are still available for investors searching for Cheap Solar Stocks under 10 dollars.

Unfortunately, Solar Stocks under $10 are frequently quite risky investments. In addition to trading on the OTC market rather than a significant exchange, many of these cheap solar stocks under $10 also have financial disclosures and transparency that might need to be completer and more trustworthy.

Over the past year, solar equities, as represented by the exchange-traded fund (ETF) Invesco Solar ETF (TAN), have slightly outperformed the overall market. Over the past 12 months, TAN has generated a total return of -1.7%, outperforming the Russell 1000’s total return of -7.1%.

Cheap Solar Stocks under 10 dollars to add to your Buy List 
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The 8 Cheap Solar Stocks under 10 dollars to add to your Buy List 

The following list of 10 stocks may be an excellent place to start your research if you’re an investor seeking Cheap Solar Stocks under 10 dollars to add to your Buy List:


Companhia de Saneamento Bsc DEDSP (NYSE: SBS)

One of the Cheap Solar Stocks under 10 dollars is Companhia de Saneamento Bsc. It is a Brazilian company that provides water and sewage services. Water management and conservation will be a significant issue for the environment in the long term, and this $7.19 stock could play a significant role in one of the largest emerging market economies in the world.

Spi Energy Co Ltd (NYSE: SPI)

SPI Energy offered photovoltaic (PV) solutions for commercial, residential, government, and utility customers. There aren’t many Solar stocks under 10 dollars yet, and Spi Energy made $97.8 million in revenue in 2020.

First National Energy Corporation (OTC: FNEC)

First National Energy Corporation is a development-stage company specializing in wind-driven power generation solutions. Due to its incredibly low price of$1.69, First National Energy Corporation is one of the Cheap Solar Stocks under 10 dollars; nevertheless, because of its lack of liquidity, investors should be aware of the dangers involved in purchasing shares.


Quantum Materials Corp (OTC: QTMM)

Quantum Materials creates, develops, and designs nanomaterials for various applications, including photovoltaics and battery technologies. Quantum Materials Corp is trading at under 10 cents per share. 


8 Cheap Solar Stocks to Buy


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Solar Integrated Roofing Corp (OTC: SIRC)

California-based Solar Integrated Roofing installs solar panels and roofs for commercial and residential clients. Solar Integrated Roofing, has increased by more than 4,000% in the last year, but they still only trade for $1.12.

Tellurian Inc (NASDAQ: TELL)

Tellurian is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) business with its main office in Texas. Many investors view LNG as a potentially less expensive, cleaner substitute for conventional fossil fuels that can aid in the transition to a greener future.

Ocean Power Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: OPTT)

Ocean Power Technologies is creating specialized buoys intending to harness the energy of ocean waves to produce renewable electricity. The cheap Solar Stocks under $10 have increased by 736% in the last year, yet they still only trade for $3.89.


Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (OTC: ASTI)

PV modules for thin-film technology are created and sold by Ascent Solar Technologies. Even if it has surged higher by 22,750% over the past year, investors should be aware that the stock is still worth pennies per share, making it a hazardous investment.


The Solar Stocks under $10 to add to your Buy list have been examined and reviewed in this article. The resource is beneficial and will assist investors in making a decision when seeking cheap Solar Stocks under 10 dollars to add to your Buy list. If you have any questions about the cheap Solar Stocks under $10 to add to your Buy list, kindly ask them in the comments section, and we will respond as soon as possible. Remember to comment in the space below.



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