8 Best Semiconductor Stocks to Buy Right Now

Since the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the demand for various forms of technology, including mobile devices, artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, and more. Every technological end market is thought to be most dependent on semiconductor stocks. Should you trade or invest in what might be regarded as the best semiconductor stocks in the market? What are the top 7 best stocks to purchase right now in the semiconductor industry?


This article will discuss the possible top semiconductor stocks to buy right now, and how to trade and invest in the companies you might find appropriate for your portfolio.

What is Semiconductor Stocks?

Simply stated, semiconductor stocks are the design and manufacturing factors that create the essential elements of the vast (and interconnected) electronic industry. As a result, there is a shortage of semiconductor hardware, including semiconductors and chips.


To begin answering the question, “What are semiconductor stocks,” it is important to briefly review the sector in which these companies operate.

Semiconductor Stocks
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8 Best Semiconductor Stocks to Buy Right Now

The following stocks were selected based on the macroeconomic climate because they may be predicted to have the most marketable solutions and, as a result, the greatest growth potential.

  1. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSM)

          Given that TSM holds the majority of the global market share for semiconductors, it should come as no surprise that they take the top position for best semiconductor stocks to buy now. Given that their capital expenditures intend to continue dominating market share, this market segment could be seen as a staple for a long-term investment portfolio if you pay attention to it.


  1. Intel Corp (INTC) 

The fact that Intel is a major chip manufacturer with a well-established reputation makes it a worthy contender for the second-best semiconductor stocks to buy. Intel’s trailing-12-months P/E (Price / Profits) is 8.80X, according to (compared to 25.23X of the general Semiconductor industry rate). Intel’s 8.80X indicates that the company may be undervalued.

  1. Nvidia (NVDA) 

Because its pioneered chip technology in graphic processing units (GPUs) has an impact on nearly all thriving sectors at the moment, Nvidia has been a top stock on many investors’ watchlists. Not to add, since April 2021, NVDA has been breaking records. With its software, like the Omniverse program, Nvidia hopes to impact the Metaverse. Currently, Nvidia provides Amazon (AMZN) chips for its Web Services. Nvidia creates and produces chips for cryptocurrency mining known as CMPs, or cryptocurrency mining processors.

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  1. Advanced Micro Devices Inc (ADM) 

As a rival semiconductor company, ADM has been a strong competitor; however, their business process differs slightly. It is renowned as one of the leading semiconductor companies that went “fabless,” which means that ADM outsources the production of its processors, unlike the earlier companies mentioned in this piece.


  1. Micron (MU) 

Lesser known that its competitors, Micron could be a hidden gem of a semiconductor stock pick. A global leader and maker of memory and storage products (specifically dynamic random-access memory, or DRAM), Micron has seen a sizeable increase in demand as memory chips are needed both for cloud computing and 5G networks.

Adversely, the need for DRAMs has decreased as Cloud solutions become more popular – DRAMs being the core offering of Micron.

  1. Qualcomm

Qualcomm (QCOM 1.85%) has historically been at the top of mobile chip design. Historically, Qualcomm has been a significant supplier to Apple (AAPL 1.41%), having benefited from the rise in smartphone sales over the previous ten years. Despite the recent maturation of the smartphone industry, Qualcomm has continued to grow in new markets like the Internet of Things and automotive technology.

Additionally, as telecom companies upgrade their services and customers purchase new smartphones to benefit from the improved network performance, 5G networks are causing a huge upgrade cycle. The rise of connected devices, including wearables, “smart” home appliances, connected vehicles, and industrial equipment, is a key factor in Qualcomm’s long-term development. Many end markets have profit ratios surpassing those of the more established smartphone industry.


  1. KLA

KLA (opens in new tab), $379.67) provides semiconductor manufacturing solutions and has a straightforward investment thesis: fundamentals and industry outlook. Following the company’s fiscal second-quarter earnings release, it is also one that remains intact.

Revenue and GAAP profits increased by 27% and 46.3%, respectively, year over year. The $2.98 billion in reported revenue exceeded the upper limit of KLA’s guidance range of $2.65 billion to $2.95 billion.

  1. Marvell Technology

At Marvell Technology, everything seems to be going in the correct direction, except for the share price, which has dropped by about 33% over the last year. Off the charts, however, the company that manufactures semiconductors for the consumer, communications, and data storage industries is still showing a fair amount of momentum.


Marvell’s fourth-quarter financial 2023 outcomes were consistent. The company’s sales increased by 6% to $1.4 billion. MRVL announced record annual revenue of $5.92 billion.


Is Semiconductor Stocks a good investment?

Investment opportunities abound in the semiconductor industry and semiconductor stocks. It is hardly reasonable to anticipate that this area will become less important in the near future. Currently, the manufacture of semiconductor components is a major global business. What’s more, this dependence will only increase.




Semiconductor shares are stocks of the companies involved in manufacturing, designing, selling, or any related activity of small chips that control electronic devices or semiconductors. Investing in these semiconductor stocks is one of the best ways to diversify your portfolios. However, investment in top semiconductor stocks requires accepting some risk because shares of even the most promising firms in the sector might fluctuate. Thus, you should thoroughly research before investing in any stock.



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